Tuesday, December 6, 2011

on the road

New Certificate of Fitness on this Superliner (PY) yesterday. Turntable modification over the next couple of days plus attendant paint - the 'maroon' strike to be replaced by a red one of smaller thickness and going up over the bonnet and right round the cab, and it's ready for work.
Drove to the workshop on Monday, drivng beautifully.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost ready

That's Danny the panelshop boss partway through final touches to the new Superliner, getting a little tired and wondering what happened to the sleeperbox - wrong truck Danny!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The on cart

Syd checking the tyres out while the engine warms up.
Me, 186cm standing in front of nearly 400cm height of trailer.
A sneak picture from the panel shop after tipping the first load, an overnight on-cart of light steel scrap. That's the R Model to the left and the Superliner Day Cab to the centre being put back together after leaving the paintshop last monday.

Hold on to your hat.

Don't really want to be going this high when tipping steel because the rear of the trailer is almost touching the ground and any loose steel going under that edge could upset the tipping, if the steel hadn't slid off at this height there would be a major problem and no experienced operator would have raised the trailer beyond about 60% of this height.  In this picture the door is closed and we'll need to check the ground clearance when it's open for tipping.
The trailer was certified today and has done its first few ks. In the yard tonight with a load on which I'll probably tip in the morning. A couple of years of thinking about it and the above trailer is the last Burrel Bin that Noel Williams will make before he retires at xmas. What a great part of the transport industry he has been, from the back-blocks down the King country and growing up in a logging community with the special talent for welding and making perplex engineering situations simple.
Cheers Noel.

Friday, November 18, 2011

R model

Bulbar on, new aircleaner filter sittiing in box and in the other new bonnet badges. Guards on next week then down to ali engineers to have ali battery boxes built and chassis covers fitted. Then back for red stripe on cab and hood before signwriting, then Certificate of Fitness and looking to haul again. Will have led marker lights fitted to roof to avoid blown bulbs in the original markers which also rust and can leak.